Protection? or Styling?

I don’t use the term “protective styling” and braiding, wearing wigs or sengalese twist the same. Before i cut the perm out of my hair i can’t recall hearing the term  protective styling. Now I can’t escape it. People are assuming that whenever I braid my hair I’m protective styling it… which isn’t true. I do not walk into hair salons asking for the best protective wig or a high end protective hairdo.

These are not the same things to me; when I protective style I consciously say so and patiently moisturize and detangle my hair. Plus, I do it myself no styling required I simple twist it. I usually keep them in for a month and randomly go through my twist about every 1 to 2 weeks as needed and re moisturize and remove shed hair. Eventually doing my entire head.

When I’m braiding, decide to wear a wig which isn’t often or, senegalese twist- this is for styling purposes and I professionally get these styles done minus the wigs. The duration I keep my hair styled. I don’t untwist and redo them and I lightly moisturize my hair and scalp with evoo or coco oil.  I don’t have the idea of protective styling in mind. I may reap the same benefits by being in my hair often. But I have been getting my hair braided since I was 12 yrs old cause I never been one of those type of girls who had the patients to do her hair, I still don’t. What I find interesting is when my hair was relaxed, I never heard the term protective styling and now that I’m not that’s all I hear.


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